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Corporate Events, Holiday Parties - available in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.
...makes YOUR wedding a joyous, elegant event!
"You get awards for 'Best Wedding Music'.
It was an all-around delight."

NY Times Critic, name withheld by request
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Your Wedding

Your Dinner & Wedding Reception

Your dinner & reception will be divided into two basic time divisions: B.C and A.D. (before cake cutting and after desert!)

During dinner we take great care to play at a very reasonable volume. We are well aware that it is our job to entertain you and your guests at your wedding. We know that they will want to chat and enjoy themselves!

During dinner we often play

  • Bossa Novas as instrumentals and with Vocals as well
  • Jazz Standards as instrumentals and with Jazz Vocals as well
  • A healthy variety of Ballads, Instrumentals, and Swing
    - without being too heavy

As well, this tends to be a good "toast" time since everyone is seated.

For the after dinner / cake cutting part chances are that your guests will feel loosened up, have had a few drinks and be ready to party!

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